Off and running in 2015! Thank yous and more, plus upcoming residency in May at the Cameron!

Hey kids,

It’s been a crazy year already! 2015 is shaping up to be a great opportunity for Jen Lane and I to continue to build on the momentum of the “Jen & John” duets album and also work on writing some new songs together. We’d like to thanks Creative Saskatchewan for the support through the Performing Arts Touring Program which made our cd release tour possible. We would also like to thank SaskMusic for the support through their Demo Recording grant which got Jen and I into the studio together for the 1st time. That was really our good friend Derek Bachman pushing us in that direction, as he always thought that we should focus our efforts on one combined project. I appreciate you believing in us D-Rawk, and I hope that we can continue to make you proud with everything that we do. We can’t forget the Saskatchewan Arts Board, who have been incredibly supportive of our songwriting efforts and without whom we could not do this full time. Jen Lane and I will be back on the road this May when we return to the Cameron House for a month long residency. We are moving to Tuesdays 8pm-10pm, which will help us really pack the place, and also let us share the night with our good friends, The Sinner’s Choir (10pm-close). Jen and I will also take some time this year to develop more material through co-writes so that “Jen & John 2” will be more of a collaboration than collection of songs. We’ve already got the covers picked out! Thanks for keeping up with the news and we’ll chat again soon!  John


Hey folks! Jen Lane and I are back on the road and playing all over Ontario and Quebec for the next 3 weeks. We are so glad to be back at the Cameron House in Toronto every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm. Jen will also be hosting Chick Pickin Mondays November 10th, 17th, and 24th at Grumpy’s Bar in Montreal. It’s gonna be a lot of driving and a lot of fun too. Thanks to Creative Saskatchewan for their support of the tour, SaskMusic for assisting us in making the “Jen & John” album, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board for giving us the opportunity to create our strongest work to date. Hope to see you at at show, you can click on the links above to learn more about the wonderful support we have as well as a link to the new album on iTunes. Thanks to our good friend Darcy Windover for the photo!



What a great run of shows across Western Canada! Thanks so much to my wonderful partner, Jen Lane, all the venues, and all the wonderful people who came out and supported our shows. Jen and I are about to disappear into the Bottega Studio in Kelowna, BC and record the hell out of some songs we’ve been working on. We should see a new Jen Lane album in 2015 for sure, and maybe we’ll sneak in a few Jen&John II songs, and maybe even some smokekiller! It’s just going to be nice to get away to work on some music. November is just around the corner and then we get crazy busy again. Jen Lane and I will be at the Cameron House every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm this November. Jen will also be hosting Chick Pickin Mondays in Montreal for the month. Sprinkle in a little Kingston and Ottawa, and a few more spots yet to be announced, and you’ve got the makings of a great month on the road. None of this would be possible without the financial assistance of Creative Saskatchewan, Sask Music, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board. We as musicians are so lucky to have such a great support system in the province right now. Tour dates will be posted soon!


photo by Borja Moncunill

photo by Borja Moncunill



John and Jen #4 photo credit Eric Banwell
August 15th, 2014
Well it’s that time again. Jen Lane and I have finished our duets album and we are ready to hit the road to share with you. We start off at the Ironwood in Calgary on the release date, and then we head out to Music On The Mountain in Fort St. James, BC. Excited to see some good music there and some great friends, the likes of Darcy Windover and Steve Brockley! See you soon fellas. After MOMfest we head out to Salt Spring Island for a few shows before we come back to the mainland and play Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver on September 5th. That’s the beginning of the way home and we zig zag across BC and Alberta until we get to Saskatoon for our homecoming show at the Bassment. Hope to see you at a show along the way. Check the Tour Dates tab or the About tab to see where you can find us over the next month. Thanks to SaskMusic, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and Creative Saskatchewan for all the support with this project and over the years. I feel very fortunate to be able to create music and share it with all of you. So thank you again and we’ll see you on the road! 


Tuesdays in July at Bon Temps and making records!

Jen Lane and I are playing a residency at Bon Temps Cafe, 223 2nd Ave S in Saskatoon! We play every Tuesday in July (1,8,15,22,and 29) two sets starting at 630pm and 8pm. We are giving away movie tickets to the Broadway Theatre, it’s Happy Hour all night long, and we are playing some new songs that will appear on our duets album (Aug 19), Jen’s next album (March 2015) and my next album (Sept 2015). Come down for “date night” or “movie night” or just for dinner and some drinks. We had a great time last Tuesday and this week is shaping up to be even better! Speaking of making records, thanks to SaskMusic for giving Jen and I the opportunity to demo some new songs in the studio. We’ve been hanging out with Josh Palmer (the Rebellion) at his home studio, The Recording House. The results have been amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you. We have a cd release tour booked for the “Jen and John” album that begins on Aug 19th at the Ironwood in Calgary, AB. Full tour dates up soon!



What an incredible adventure! This tour has been by far the most successful run yet. No doubt a big part of that was the return of the beautiful and talented Ms. Jen Lane. So lucky to have my girl back on the road with me. Thanks to the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Culture On The Go program for their invaluable support of our music and the opportunity to share our songs with all of you. We have one more show in our Wednesdays in May (6pm-8pm) residency at The Cameron House here in Toronto. I can’t say enough about how good it feels to play here and how great the community treats us! Always felt like home, starting to feel like family. John



Been having a great time on tour. Thanks to the Cameron House for being our anchor and home away from home. Also thanks to The Mansion (Kingston), Raw Sugar (Ottawa), and Grumpy’s (Montreal) for treating us like gold! It was super awesome to have Melanie Brulee on the bill for a couple shows and we’ll see her again at Opera Bob’s with Ole Fashion at the end of the month! Jen Lane and I will be at Grumpy’s again Monday May 19th for Chick Pickin Mondays with Corrina Rose! Show starts at 9pm. Then back to Toronto for our 6pm-8pm spot at the Cameron House on Wednesday! This week also finds us at The Clarkson Pub (Barrie) and The Mahtay Cafe (St. Catharines). See you at a show!



So very excited to be heading back to Toronto in May for a residency at The Cameron House! I’ll be playing at 6pm every Wednesday (7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th) followed by Jen Lane at 7pm. It’s Jen’s first tour since having a year off to recover from an ankle surgery. She’s just as excited as I am, if not even more so, to be performing again. I’ve been sneaking a listen to some of her new songs and I’ll tell you something, that girl can write! We’ll both be sharing new songs and some of our favourite covers on tour. Check the Tour Dates tab for all the dates. Special thanks to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for their support of the May Residency. We’re pretty lucky to get the support that we do in Saskatchewan. Lastly I just want to congratulate my good friend Derek Bachman on his new job. Derek will be leading us into the future as the new Executive Director of SaskMusic. 2014 is off to a pretty good start. See you at a show!



I am in Revelstoke at the Last Drop for our 4th show of this tour with Young Benjamins. Thanks to the Artery (Edmonton) and the Elk & Oarsman (Banff), for taking such good care of us this week. Extra thanks to all the people who have come out to support us so far and those that we will see before we are done! I also would like to thank Creative Saskatchewan for their commitment of support for our tour. It definitely helps us to reach our goals in the music industry and we are very fortunate to have this kind of support in Saskatchewan. I’ve been playing some of my new songs on this tour and I’m really excited by how well they are going over. I can’t wait to make a new album. : ) Next up, Jen Lane and I will be heading back to Ontario/Quebec for a residency at the Cameron House in Toronto every Wednesday in May. I’m looking forward to getting back on the road with Jen and we are excited to show you some of the songs that we have been working on together. Jen has also been writing for her next album, and all I can say is that she is a truly gifted songwriter. You’ll see too when her album comes out in 2015. Back to the tour info, we will be at one of my favorite places, Fernando’s in Kelowna, this Saturday night. See you at a show! johnImage


I’ve been spending a lot of time writing and rehearsing lately. Feeling very grateful to get to work on my music right now. I’m excited to get back into the studio and start recording. I’m hoping to be laying down some tracks come April! Before that, in February I’ll be attending the Folk Alliance International Conference and Festival with my good friend Geoff Smith (Gunner and Smith). I’ll get to play some shows with Geoff as well as a few of my own showcases thanks to SaskMusic. In March I’ll be hitting the road with Young Benjamins on a short tour of Western Canada. We had so much fun on the road last October that we decided to do it again. Hope to see you at a show in the future and thanks in advance for all the support.