Always With You is a powerful album that manages to layer the simplest lyrics with astounding complexity.  Without ever once moving outside of a subdued and gentle sound, Antoniuk fills each note with impact and each word with memory.  It’s a stunning tribute.”

Grayowl Point, Toronto, ON

“There’s also something about these songs (on Always With You) that keeps me from doing my usual track surfing.  I feel compelled to hear out John’s expertly crafted words fully and really let the message sink in.  Also, I love listening to the guitars in each track; as a player, I just find them to be near perfect.”

Sean Craib Petkau, Yorkton This Week

Always With You is a finely-crafted record that proves sometimes, simple is best.”

Vue Weekly, Edmonton, AB

“..recalling the soulful bounce reminiscent of the last Bahamas record with a more solid grounding in roots music”

Praire Dog Magazine on “Always With You”, Regina, SK

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