“Chiba” is here!

Today is the day! Chiba is here! Much thanks to everyone who helped along the way.

Firstly my girl, Jen Lane, who supported me through every step of making this album and sang her heart out on it.

Barrett M. Ross, for pounding out the drums for me when I was writing these songs and taking me back to the heart of rock n roll. And of course for engineering and mixing the album.

Also, a big thank you to Josh J Palmer for cutting the original demos for us when we were just getting started.

My band, Enver Hampton and Billy Tataryn who were there from the beginning! You guys brought these songs to life for me and I am forever grateful.

Malcolm Whyte and Brynn Krysa for stepping in when I needed them the most and making sure that the ship stayed on course.

Derek Bachman, you are watching me from above. Probably hanging out with my mom. Thank you for your guidance from beyond. Without you I wouldn’t have had the amazing Terry Massey and thirteen letter helping me promote this release.

SaskMusicCreative SaskatchewanSK Arts, and The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (FACTOR) for all the things they do for artists like me! We are lucky to have such support for art and culture and I hope that never changes.

Amigos CantinaCapitol Music ClubThe Broadway TheatreThe Cameron House, and all the venues that gave me the chance to get up on stage and play my songs. I hope we can get together to celebrate live music again one day soon!

And it’s Bandcamp day! So if you feel like ordering some music today, this is the place to do it. https://smokekiller.bandcamp.com/

Have a great weekend everyone!